What Exactly Does A Wedding Consultant or Planner Do?

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For couples with less time available to research or organize their big day, we recommend that you hire a wedding consultant to help you manage these chores.

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When you are searching out a wedding consultant for your wedding, stop and ask yourself – do you really know what they do? I mean, when you look in the phone book, or the yellow pages online, you will find everything from bakeries to dress shops to travel agencies under “Wedding consultants” or “Wedding planners”.

But, when you take the time to actually call the numbers and companies listed under these monikers, you will find that they aren’t a true “wedding consultant” or “wedding planner” – but they have one on staff.

So, you set up the appointment, head down and find that their “wedding consultant” is only for that specific company, and not one that will cover all your wedding planning. So, now you’re back to square one.

It seems that more and more brides are finding that a real “Wedding consultant” is becoming harder to find. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to find a real one, and by that time, you almost don’t need them anymore.

So, how do you find out what a real wedding consultant or planner is supposed to do when it is so hard to find one? Well, we have come up with a list of things that a true “wedding consultant” will handle for you when you find one. (You can also use this list to check and see if the one you are interviewing is a real one or not!)

A true wedding consultant or planner’s first and foremost priority is to take care of the bride and groom. Their list of services includes (but is not limited to):

1. Helping the couple to set a wedding budget
2. Helping to find vendors for the specific wedding needs
3. Setting appointments with these vendors and attending them with the bride and groom
4. Helping the couple to select the location and getting them the best price on it
5. Taking care of finding all of the following vendors:
A. Caterer
B. Bakery
C. Florist
D. Photographer/Videographer
E. Officiant/Priest/Minister/Judge
F. Music/Band/DJ
G. Salon for wedding day hair and makeup for bridal party
H. Dress and Formal wear shop
I. Alterations shop
6. Helping to set up transportation for the bridal party for the wedding day, reception, and honeymoon
7. Helping the couple review all contracts with vendors to ensure that there are no problems
8. Helping to handle the bridal registration and shipping of gifts
9. Help with the invitations, “Save the date” cards, thank you cards, and other correspondence
10. Help with planning the rehearsal dinner
11. Help with finding wedding night accommodations for the bride and groom
12. Being at the wedding to help with the direction of vendors, guests, and any other misc items

Basically, a true wedding coordinator will also help to plan and direct everything about the wedding ceremony and reception, help to organize the couple’s plans for the wedding, and offer professional advice about the wedding and reception.

These people are kind of like the Supermen and women of the wedding industry, they know it all and can anticipate problems before they pop up with a grace and elegance that shows they know what they are doing.

So, when you find a true wedding coordinator, you will know it because it will show through when you are discussing your wedding day plans with them at the very beginning of your relationship.

A true wedding coordinator will help you to feel completely at ease, and you should feel that you can count on them to help plan your day and ensure that it runs smoothly. So, don’t get fooled into hiring a coordinator, planner, or consultant that just tells you what to do and does nothing to help your wedding plans get off their pages and into reality.