Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyDid you know that over 40% of all engagements happen during the holidays?

Yep. It’s true! From Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, many men find themselves on one knee and many (lucky) women find themselves wearing a shiny new engagement ring! Right after the proposal, many women feel surprised, thrilled, happy…and then slightly overwhelmed with the wedding planning process. With SO many wonderful wedding vendors, how will you choose who to hire?

While you need to consider different details with each of your vendors, here are a few suggestions for hiring your perfect wedding photographer:


Do a little research on wedding photos. Are you drawn to traditional or modern poses? Would you prefer to be posed and looking at the camera, or do you prefer a more candid approach? All photographers have a different style of shooting, and knowing your personal photo preferences will make it easier to narrow down the style you are looking for.


Ok, this is one that many couples don’t think about (at first) when beginning their wedding photographer search, but it is SO important. Your wedding photographer is with you for many hours, sometimes ALL day. The photographer is with you during your intimate moments (getting dressed) and must interact with all of your close friends and family.

Choose a photographer that you ”click” with (pun intended), that you can easily talk to, and who puts you at ease in front of the camera. The photographer’s personality will (hopefully) have a positive impact on you to keep you calm, happy, and relaxed at all times of your wedding day.


When hiring your wedding photographer, some offer complete packages while others offer A La Carte pricing (and some offer both options). What items would you like included? A wedding album? Parent albums? A CD? Printed products? An Engagement Photo Session before your wedding day? Also, how many hours are you interested in? If you want complete coverage of your wedding day (getting ready, the ceremony, the formal photos, and the reception) then you will need approximately 8 hours. 6-8 hours is standard for wedding photography coverage.


Many couples make a lot of their hiring decisions based on price. Hey, we all have a budget to stick to. However, wedding photography is one area where you truly get what you pay for. With great quality comes a higher price point for packages, hourly rate, and products. That’s true for everything in life. Keep in mind that your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and your photos will last a lifetime! All of your wedding planning, all of your decisions (what colors, what flowers, what cake, what dress, what venue) will all be documented with your photos.

Long after you eat your cake, your flowers will die, and you will put the dress in the closet, your wedding photos will always be there to remind you of your perfect wedding day. For that reason, look for quality when choosing your wedding photographer.


Weddings are tricky. You only get one shot to get the right shot. For this reason, please do not hire a friend or relative with a “nice camera”. Seriously, they may take great vacation photos but your wedding is on a completely different level.

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding types of photography there is, and these are your memories. Professional wedding photographers LOVE weddings and they have the experience to know where to be at the right time, what to do in every situation, and they always have professional backup equipment. This comes with the experience of photographing many weddings.

Every wedding is different, every couple is different, and every photography timeline is different. Your photographer needs to be detailed, keep things on track, and know how to use the time efficiently.

Whew! That’s a lot of information! Enjoy the process of finding your perfect Las Vegas wedding photographer!