Transportation For An Out Of Town Wedding

wedding transport

Providing transportation for an out of town wedding can be a hassle, but there are a few factors to consider when planning transportation that can make it a little easier. Depending on how far your guests have to go will help you decide how to get them there for your big day. Here are some tips and ideas on getting those out of town guests to the wedding and reception:

1. Carpools – Many times for out of town weddings there can be a designated person that will serve as a shuttle picking people up and transporting them to the wedding venue. It helps if you can make only a few trips to the airport picking up several guests at once carpooling them to the wedding venue.

This depends on how far the wedding is from the airport or train station. If it is close a shuttle can be used easier but if the venue is far from these places it takes some more planning. If this is the case you can schedule a few pick-ups a day and let the guests know when these times are.

2. Hotel shuttles – It can also make it easier if most of the guests will be staying at one hotel, as many times there can be shuttles that the hotel provides. This can save a lot of money in terms of rental vehicles and finding transportation for out of town guests.

Another option can be to get hotel for the evening where all guests will stay the first evening and then the next morning all can go to the wedding venue whether it be by car, shuttle, or train. Again this depends how far the wedding venue is from the airport or train station. If it is close it makes it easier if it is further away than one hotel for the night may be a good option.

3. Rental cars – You can also reserve a few rental cars and also vans, which can make it so when your guests arrive they pick up the vehicles and then get to the wedding venue. You can plan where several guests can come together in one vehicle therefore saving money on rental vehicles.

If you have more money to spend you can also have driving services pick up the guests from wherever they arrive from and bring them to where the wedding will be.
You should let the guests know before the date if you will be providing the transportation or they will have to get to the wedding themselves.

Many times people closer to the bride and groom will have transportation provided for them. Other guests will have to provide their own transportation to the wedding. If this is the case you can still provide them with information such as rental car information, shuttle services, and bus services.

Providing for transportation for guests for an out of town wedding can be difficult to accomplish but it can be done. Look into where the guests will be coming from, how far apart are their arrivals, and how close the wedding will be from the airport of train stations. By planning early and getting all the information it can make it a smoother process when providing transportation for an out of town wedding.