Top Tips For Cheap Wedding Flowers

marriage flowers

Another top tip for cheap wedding flowers is to choose simple, single stem flowers for the groom and groomsmen’s buttonholes to co-ordinate with the brides bouquet. This will look effective and is another way to keep costs down.

When decorating your venue, try large potted plants as they fill up lots of space and are much cheaper than flower arrangements. They could be trimmed with ribbon in a co-ordinating colour to add interest and colour. Afterwards, they can be planted at your home so you get more use out of them.

Remember that often less is more. Decorating only one row or just the end of each pew in church can save you money without compromising on the overall effect. You may also be able to transfer some of the wedding flowers from the church to the reception but you would need to check this with your minister and then arrange for someone to organise this for you on the day.

Large table arrangements may look great but your guests may find them obtrusive if they can’t see each other over the top of the table. Scattered petals, leaves or napkin decorations may be more appropriate or you could try more unusual table displays such as bowls of brightly coloured fresh fruit.

If you are having arrangements, hire vases / pedestals etc or try Ikea and the pound shops for cheap vases.

Flower arrangements can double up as thank you gifts for mothers of the bride and groom, or other friends and relatives.

Finally – think hayfever! If you, your groom or other members of the wedding party suffer from hayfever remember to take this into account when choosing your blooms.