Change of Name


When a lady marries there is no legal requirement for her to change her maiden surname to that of her new husband.

It is her own choice whether she continues using her own name or she whether she uses her husband’s surname.

However this will not allow you to change the name on your passport, drivers licence, inland revenue, national insurance or with banks or building society.

To have your name changed on official documents you will need a Change of Name by Deed Poll.

The ones we offer have been used by our own staff members and none have had any problems in having them recognised by all the national organisations that hold your records.

If you wish to go on honeymoon with the name Mary Smith in your passport and on your ticket you will need to carry out the change of name in good time so that your official documents can be changed to your new chosen name.

Please note that your original birth certificate, any previous marriage certificate or decree absolute cannot be altered in any way and if ever you need to present them to an official body in the future you will need to accompany them with a copy of the Deed Poll.

We supply you with the Change of Name Deed Poll document made out for you ready to be signed.

We explain where and how to get it witnessed by a friend or colleague but not a relative.

Once you have the Deed Poll signed and witnessed you then send it to the organizations that you wish to have your present name changed on documents issued by them.

Should a couple wish to join their names with a hyphen, and in the sample used above this could be Clark-Smith, then both of them must complete a deed poll and send it off to all the required official bodies.

Only persons over the age of 18 years change their name of their own wishes by Deed Poll. Therefore if you wish to change the name of a child under the age of 18 years by deed poll then the written consent of both parents are required.